Contact Center Software Features Your Business Needs

If you want to ensure that your company has what it takes to compete with the very best, ensure that you use the best digital tools available.


There's no denying that trying to run a contact center in a competitive industry can be a challenging endeavor for even the most experienced business owners. Contact centers constantly have to find advantages over their competitors, and it can get tricky to keep a business afloat if you start to get left behind.

It's undoubtedly a nerve-wracking yet rewarding industry, and it's crucial to figure out where you can take steps to improve. A good example is the use of digital tools and business software, as contact centers consistently improve with the help of innovation and creativity. Fortunately, you won't have to look too hard to find what you need, as you can take the best call centers as an example and use their digital tools as a roadmap for your success.

Make Sure Your Contact Center Software Has These Features

If you want to ensure that your company has what it takes to compete with the very best, ensure that you use the best digital tools available. That way, even the most inexperienced business owner can utilize streamlining tools to help ensure their call center can potentially outpace the competition. Some of the very best software around includes:


The customer journey is crucial when it comes to contact centers. It's all about the accessibility and convenience of your platform to help solve issues and give your customers as smooth an experience as possible. The omnichannel provides a means of directing users to different channels seamlessly through the cloud. These channels can include audio and video calls, mobile apps, live chat, and much more. How well the omnichannel operates depends on your processes, and a bit of creativity can go a long way.

Call Routing

As the name suggests, call routing is all about the ability to route calls into the correct department, removing one of the most frustrating parts of calling a content center — the long hold times. The interesting thing about call routing is it can be entirely automated depending on the situation, which will be explained in more detail through IVR (interactive voice response).

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CRM Integration

Customer relationship management software is something that all contact centers should have. Company owners have many opportunities to make the most out of their opportunities through CRM. Omnichannel helps boost the company's ability to integrate between different channels. CRM integration is a similar concept, only focused more on software that falls under the CRM umbrella.

Cloud-Based Calling

It's an age where employees can work from the comfort of their home, allowing remote contact center processes that don't interfere with your company's success. The use of cloud-based calling allows you to conduct your operations from anywhere, giving you more flexibility depending on the schedule and situations of your staff. It's a great way to make the most out of the situation and open up further opportunities to expand your company.


It's challenging to get anything done without the right analytics, as you can't expect managers and other professionals to make tweaks based on performance without the right data. Reporting and analytics are significant aspects that dictate the success of your business, no matter the industry. The more data you have on your staff's performance and the behavior of your clients, the easier it will be to develop a marketing and call strategy that makes it easier for everyone involved.

Outgoing Calls

While most people are aware of call centers that take incoming calls, contact centers focus on making outgoing calls instead. The process and customer journey are different, but it offers similar opportunities for businesses to succeed. Outgoing calls are also more common for contact centers that focus on B2B rather than individual customers. Having outgoing and incoming calls as part of your contact center strategy is a good idea for any business to succeed.

Usage Pricing

The usage-based pricing model is all about charging customers based on how often they consume a product. It's the kind of pricing model that can get you the trust of your target demographic, as it gives your clients the freedom to pay as much or as little as they need to when it comes to your products and services.


Interactive voice response is a system that uses automated responses based on the caller's actions. They can respond to voice commands or keypresses, and they can be optimized to help route a caller through different departments. IVR systems also do not need to route clients to a call center agent to solve the issue. What IVR brings to the table is a chance to ease the burden while simultaneously improving productivity across the board. Any contact center that makes use of IVR is bound to experience success.

Call Scripts

When an agent takes a call, having help in the form of call scripts based on the situation can help them get the job done. It is especially useful for those who are still new to taking calls, giving you the chance to review and train your staff with the help of a script.

Escalation Tools

There will always be moments when an agent has to deal with escalation, wherein the customer acts to speak with their manager/superior. Having escalation tools ready is similar to call scripts, where it can help the agent make the necessary preparations.

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Contact Center Software We Recommend

If you're looking for an all-in-one solution when it comes to contact center software, look no further than It's a platform giving your company a chance it needs to grow and evolve in a competitive industry without being bogged down by the competition. In addition, Voxdesk can help you with various improvements, streamlining through predictive dialers, CRM integration, Visual Call Flows, and much more.

There's no reason to go for second-best when searching for contact center software and platforms to help your company. However, the list above is more than enough to give you a chance you need to maneuver your business through a competitive industry.


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