Essential Integrations

Essential Integrations

This video demonstrates how VoxDesk can be combined with VoIP / Telephony applications such as Twilio as well as E-Mail applications such as Gmail and SendGrid. VoxDesk will direct, receive, and make calls from within the app, and this will be the first step toward handling your calls from within the app.

To begin, VoxDesk can be described as a virtual contact center software that will allow call center teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively than they would otherwise be capable. This cloud-based call center software is intended to assist users with call scripts, automated calls, and real-time notifications. When the software is integrated into your work processes, it will make the interaction and activities of call center agents much easier. It is also capable of tracking agent productivity, generating reports and analytics on performance and customer inquiries, and integrating with third-party applications.

Now let's get into the integrations that VoxDesk provides.

Firstly, Twillio is one of the major integrations in VoxDesk. Twillio allows you to call your clients seamlessly. Twillio is used to dial leads and connect with your customers. You can integrate Twilio through a website where you will get the credentials. Secondly, there is Amazon Polly. This integration is used for creating TTS messages in your campaigns. You can get the credentials for this integration on the amazon Polly website. Also, VoxDesk provides integrations with Gmail & Sendgrid. These integrations are used to send emails to your customers. For single emails, you can use Gmail but if you want to send multiple emails, Sendgrid is the best option. Finally, there is the Google Cloud Platform which can be used to store vital information regarding your call campaigns.