Make Waiting On-Hold More Bearable With Music

An ideal call waiting tool allows you to engage better with your customers. You don’t want your customers losing their patience as they wait.


Make Waiting On-Hold More Bearable With Music

Nobody likes to wait. That’s a fact! When customers know they are paying for your products/services, the last thing they need is to wait as they expect you to help them promptly. Businesses understand this, and they often strive to make their customers’ waiting time shorter and less frustrating. Companies usually play music or informational messages on a call to keep their clients entertained while waiting. On Hold More Bearable With Music This post examines how clients respond when placed on hold and how best you can make this waiting period less cumbersome. It’s interesting to learn how the mind of clients works. Typically, their minds are predictable, and businesses have leveraged this to develop on-hold software programs that enhance customer call-waiting experiences. However, there are certain instances where your customers just have to wait. Even the most successful businesses put their customers on hold. So, it’s crucial to learn how you make call waiting more bearable.

Tips to Make Customer Call Waiting More Bearable

Use Call Waiting Software

You don’t want to handle all the call waiting activities in your company manually. Therefore, it’s necessary to invest in the best call waiting software. The call waiting tool automates the process of playing specific music or informational messages. An ideal call waiting tool allows you to engage better with your customers. You don’t want your customers losing their patience as they wait. Often, this happens when clients experience a dead pause from your end or when you plan irritating music. To alleviate this, call waiting software plays something that will keep your customer waiting without losing their patients. You can also use this tool for marketing your new product entrants. For example, you can play a specific background music that is integrated with informational messages about your products/services. VoxDesk provides you with all the benefits described above. The software is packed with different music types you can select to keep your clients entertained. The music tracks in the software are specifically selected to guarantee that your audience loves what they hear as they wait on a call. Other handy features VoxDesk offers include: Call recording Dialer Soundboards Call analytics Call dispositions Call queuing

Learn to Mix Things Up

Learn to Mix Things Up You can’t play the same music repeatedly and expect your customers and prospects to wait on a call. If you want to retain your clients, you need to change the background music more often. Your customers are more likely to feel irritated if you repeat the same music and allow it to run in an infinite loop. If the average wait time for your customers is longer, you should consider playing more than one type of music. The longer your clients wait, the more they can’t bear hearing the same message of music being played. You don’t have to change your music every day. However, you can switch things up monthly. Consider doing this even for your introduction scripts. Your welcome scripts could get monotonous if your agents introduce themselves using the same script day in day out. Instead, find a variety that works for you. It keeps your message fresh and exciting for your audience to hear.

Automate Your Responses

The time it takes for you to follow up on calls can also be considered as a “hold.” It would be great if you responded to your clients within an hour after making their call. Unfortunately, this might not be possible for most businesses, especially when dealing with a large customer base. To solve this, automating your responses does the trick. In addition, doing this reinforces a sense of confidence in your customers that you are a reliable brand.

Compensate for the Time

Time is money. We all strive to use our time wisely. At the same time, it may not be possible for you to offer monetary rewards to all your clients on hold. Instead, you should think of other ways of compensating for the time. For instance, you can promise your clients that they won’t have to wait longer the next time they call your support team. Discount coupons could also work to motivate customers to continue relying on your brand. Compensate for the Time


In reality, there is no right or wrong way to make your customer on hold times less frustrating. It all depends on how well you know your customers. Aim to be creative while attending to them. Use customer analytics tools to understand your customers’ needs and expectations. This can go a long way in knowing the right music to make their call waiting times more entertaining and worth the long wait. Remember, one effective strategy that can streamline handling these calls is finding the perfect tool that plays the on-hold music to your clients. The advantage of using software here is that you don’t have to worry about choosing a specific type of music. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the software will select the most entertaining music for your customers.


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