Media, Flows, and Automations

Media, Flows, and Automations

This video demonstrates how to use the media tab to upload media files, the flows tab to create flows, and the automation tab to add automation to VoxDesk. You'll learn how to add flows, nodes, trigger names, and action types, among other things. But before that, I will explain in brief about VoxDesk.

To begin, VoxDesk is virtual contact center software that allows call center teams to connect and work more efficiently than they would otherwise. The purpose of this cloud-based call center software includes call scripts, automated calls, and real-time notifications. When the software is integrated into call center agents' operations, they will find it much easier to interact and do their duties. Aside from tracking agent output, it can also provide performance reports and analytics, as well as customer answers, and it can interact with third-party software.

Now let's get into the main part. You will now understand how to add media, create flows and add automation. Firstly, open the infinity suite. Once you are here, You will see different departments namely: collaboration, productivity, marketing, sales, HR, support & developers. Now, click on the sales button. Now you will see a dropdown. Now click on VoxDesk to open our call center software. Now that you are here, click on the Media button. Once you are here, you can click on the blue button to the bottom right of the screen. Now you can add any media that you want.

You can also record audio from here. Next, to create a flow, All you have to do is click on the flows button. From here, click on the plus button and a side-view will appear. Here you can drag and drop the modules according to your requirements. And do not forget to connect the nodes. Once you have created your flow, click on save. Now to automate the flow, Click on the automation button. Here you will be able to see the flow you have created click on the button under status to automate your flow. If you want to disable the flow just click on the button again.