Six Tips To Make On-Hold Callers Happier

A call center manages a huge volume of calls and often customers get put on hold. But they should not feel like they are being ignored and with the tips here, you can ensure that your clients are not losing interest.


Six Tips To Make On-Hold Callers Happier

Tips To Make On-Hold Callers Happier When customers reach out to you, they need help as soon as possible. In most cases, they contact you through calls. This is because calls offer more immediate and faster resolutions than emails. But unfortunately, most calls do not always go as they planned. Businesses receive a lot of calls from customers needing help and information. And they need to put several on hold at some point. This leaves customers frustrated and unhappy. They need information, and all they get is the hold ding. After this experience, most customers do not call back. Instead, some decide to stop patronizing you. Hence, businesses are saddled with the responsibility of turning this repeatedly unpleasant experience into a decidedly pleasant one. A solution will help you improve your customer experience and keep your customer happy. As hard as it seems, you can take steps to make your customers happy through phone calls.

Here are six tips that will help you turn the tide:

Help first-time callers:

Your call centers receive loads of calls in a day. And your agents can’t recognize first-time callers. So you need to help first-time callers to get through to agents that can help them. Consider this; customer A is a first-time caller; he needs to call back after a few days. How frustrating would it seem for him to call back and have to repeat all his information? You get the picture. Once you can separate first-time callers from previous callers, you will prevent customers from repeatedly saying the same thing. You won’t need to ask them to repeat their stories multiple times. An auto attendant tool like VoxDesk will help make this possible. For example, you can urge first-time callers to press one and previous callers to call 2. With the possibility of getting your clients frustrated out of the picture, you have improved their experience. Reduce Wait Time

Reduce wait time:

Customers don’t have time. Nobody has time. No one wants to spend minutes—or hours—listening to your on-hold song. In most cases, customers will have ended the call before they wait out the on-hold period. This leaves them frustrated, especially when they have to call back to restart the process. Even if they wait out the on-hold period, they will likely vent on your call agents. Therefore, you need to reduce the wait time of your callers. You can do this by recruiting more agents, which sheds some load off your current agents and will give you better representation before customers. You can also use third-party services to help you bear your call service responsibility. Another option is to add more online options to your voice directions. You can help customers get what they seek by following your voice prompts. Once their issues are resolved, customers will end the call and leave the line clear for others. Also, you can urge your customers to drop a number you can call back when you have lesser numbers of callers. This will show your customers you prioritize their needs and improve their experience.

Small talks:

Customers are not robots; making them smile once in a while can be the difference in their experience. After waiting for a long while, waiting for their call to be answered, customers are likely not in a good mood. It would help if you lightened up their spirit by using small talks. Ask them about their day and how they are doing. Then, you can go big and make a light joke. You will distract them from their seething mood and give your agent the time to look up their information. When you address their issues, you and your customers are well prepared.


The way you frame your language can make or break your relationship with a customer. Start with an apology, tell them you are sorry they had to wait so long. And then start with positive language. Frame each word or phrase carefully. Don’t tell customers, “We can’t do that,” tell them, “This is what we can do for you.” Words are powerful. When you frame them right with the slightest subtleties, customers will have a better experience to hold on to.

Listen, listen again:

Remember, your customers are aching to tell you what is wrong, and they have to wait so long to say to you. Now that they are here, do not stop the flood. Understandably, you—or your agents—are busy. You have a lot to do, and several more customers are waiting in line. However, it would help to let your customers pour out all their concerns. This will help them shed it off their chest and also help you pinpoint what they need. Also, it would help if you gave your callers your full attention. Avoid every distraction and give them your full attention. You can jot down points, so you do not have to repeatedly ask for the same information. Follow up if needed

Follow up, if needed:

There are times you need subsequent calls before you can resolve the problems of a caller. For example, you might need to submit and process some paperwork before resolving a customer’s issue. In such cases, you will have to follow up on both the customer’s requests. If the caller needs direction, do well t guide them all the way to avoid frustration. Tell them what they need next. In addition, give customers the volition to call you again if they need more help.


Handling customers is a tricky business. However, you can make them happy with the proper steps and help your agents serve them better. Use the steps above and notice the significant change in your call center service. Use VoxDesk, a call center software, to automate your call center process. The software is embedded with several features, including a predictive and automated dialer, soundboards and voicemail drops, integrations and automation, etc. Get started now at


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