This video shows how VoxDesk can track calls and reports. Filters, total dials, answered calls, and no answers are shown. Other options are also shown; skip, voicemail and invalid calls are filtered out. But first, a very little introduction on VoxDesk. It is a cloud-based call center solution that offers operational efficiencies through automation, real-time monitoring and reporting, automated calls, and more. The software integrates with third party software, offering customers the option to use call scripts and track performance.

Automation This outbound call center software reduces manual dialing efforts and enables agents to reach more prospects faster while providing agents with additional information on clients. Its Timezone Connect automation automatically assigns tasks to agents based on the client's location and preferred working hours.

Integrations Twilio is one of the major integrations in Voxdesk, used to dial leads and connect with your customers. You can integrate Twilio through a website where you will get the credentials. Additionally, there is Amazon Polly, which is used for creating TTS messages in your campaigns. The credentials for this integration are available on the amazon Polly website. Finally, Voxdesk provides integrations with Gmail and Sendgrid, which are used to send emails to your customers. For single emails, you can use Gmail, but if you want to send multiple emails, Sendgrid is the best option. You can also store vital information regarding your call campaigns on the Google Cloud Platform.

Features The platform provides businesses with a call recording feature to monitor the customer and agent interaction, as well as a call log feature to analyze customer interactions. It also has a call disposition feature that tags call and organizes them for businesses seeking to improve their sales. The platform also provides a call analytics feature, which gives businesses a complete overview of how well customers are engaged.