Automatic Call Distributor

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Voxdesk provides call distribution software for all sizes of enterprises.

Automatic Call Distributor

Automatic Call Distributor Helps Empower Customer Service Experience

Voxdesk is a call distribution solution for businesses of all sizes

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automatic call back

Automatic Call Back

Among callers who would like to avoid the waiting queue. This service provides an option for callers to receive an agent's callback instead of having to wait on the line with VoxDesk automatic call distributor.

multiple call queues

Multiple Call Queues

Allow companies to have multiple waiting queues. For instance, there can be different waiting queues for different departments, different teams of agents or different numbers that the caller dialed

call center overflow

Call Center Overflow

Can easily handle high call volumes, when all agents are busy and the queues are full, calls can be automatically directed to voicemail using automatic call distributor.

facilitates smart call routing

Facilitates Smart Call Routing

Automate your customer service with smart call routing, the fastest and most efficient way to connect with your customers. ACD automatically route calls to agents best available for the call. You'll receive real time updates and have a chance to add or update routing rules before calls are dialed.

What is Automatic Call Distributor?

Automatic Call Distributor, is a telephony software that receives the calls and routes them to the best available agent, team, or IVR, based on predefined routing rules. The ACD system utilizes a rule-based routing strategy based on instructions that dictate how inbound calls are handled and directed.

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