Powerful Robo Dialer

make as many calls without any waiting

Using an Automatic Robo Dialer makes it much easier to engage with consumers.

Powerful Robo Dialer

Connecting With Customers Is Much Easier With An Automated Robo Dialer

Every company seeks new methods to engage with customers in a variety of ways.

robo dialer leave note


Sending reminders is much easier with the assistance of a robo dialer. You may adjust the pace of these communications and send them at times when clients are most responsive.

scheduling campaigns

Scheduling Campaigns

Choose Voxdesk robo dialer, it has all of the features needed to conduct effective campaigns, delivering recorded messages has become a vital element of marketing today.

text to speech

Text to Speech

With robo dialer, you can convert text messages and play them in different languages to better understand what the consumer requires. Get real-time insights into the aspect of voice synthesis.

real time reporting

Real Time Reporting

Start your work with a high quality and best service. With Robo Dialer, you can communicate with the client about their requirements by dictating the required information over phone to them and get real time data of all the information on the call.

What is Robo Dialer?

Robo dialer is a software tool that automates the process of making phone calls in order to generate leads. It reduces the cost per lead by cutting down on labor costs. The software connects to a database of leads, selects one, and then dials the phone number. The software might transfer the call after a pre-determined length of time if there is no answer or it might disconnect if it reaches an answering machine. Once connected to the prospect, Robo Dialer reads from an audio script, typically built into the system or created by hand for more personalized messages.

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