Indulging Music On Hold

keep callers informed

Utilise music on hold to engage with customers as they wait for their calls to be answered.

Indulging Music On Hold

Music on Hold to Make Waiting More Bearable

Companies may use music on hold in a variety of ways to connect with their consumers as they wait for their calls to be answered.

music on hold leave note
engage customers

Engage Customers

When their calls are kept on hold, customers frequently lose patience. A dead pause or uninteresting music may not work in your favour in order to retain them and keep them on the line. Instead, amuse them with fascinating client testimonials, feedback, and other engaging content in the form of messaging, accompanied by some nice music.

be informative

Be Informative

Music on hold allows you to announce new and exciting product releases, answer FAQs, and provide information about your services. Make your clients feel important by providing helpful information throughout the hold period.

build value

Build Value

Improve your brand image and strengthen relationships with your customers. Music on hold aids in the development of consumer experience.

increase caller retention rate

Increase Caller Retention Rate

Increase your callers' satisfaction and loyalty by allowing them to listen to music on hold. Music on hold helps clients stay relaxed and entertained during their waiting time. It's an addition that boosts your customer experience with a pleasant background noise, making it easy to retain customers.

multiple musics to choose from

Multiple Musics to Choose From

Give your customers a great experience and for that we offer multiple music tracks for our clients to choose from. Our music tracks are available in high-quality. VoxDesk offers you various music tracks that are specially selected to keep your customers engaged.

What is Music On Hold?

Music on hold may be utilised for a variety of phone tasks. It can be played when the caller is on hold or while their call is transferred to another internal participant. When callers are on hold and queuing, or while waiting to be connected to another participant, call centres commonly play music. Some systems allow you to listen to music on hold instead of a ringtone. When a call is placed here, instead of the standard ring tone, music is played until a successful connection is achieved.

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