Virtual Call Center Software

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VoxDesk is a virtual phone system that requires no hardware to set up. You do not need to travel or send your administrators to each country where you want a phone number to set up your virtual call centre.

Virtual Call Center Software

Universally Accessible Virtual Call Center Software

Use VoxDesk's virtual call centre software, which needs little setup time, has enterprise-grade security, flexible deployment choices, and does not require the involvement of an IT department.

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instant deployment

Instant Deployment

Create virtual contact centre teams and assign phone numbers all online, without buying hardware. Your own call centre is easy to administer with VoxDesk.

enhanced onboarding

Enhanced Onboarding

Do you require a rapid onboarding of a hundred virtual call centre personnel in order to manage the busy season? With only a few clicks, VoxDesk enables you to configure agents in many time zones, add and remove users, manage call forwarding numbers, and much more.

smart call routing

Smart Call Routing

VoxDesk routes calls to the most qualified agent based on availability and skill level. This not only contributes to a great customer experience, but also helps agents' workflows become more efficient. Additionally, you can create a unique queue for VIP callers.

call monitoring

Call Monitoring

VoxDesk helps you to delight customers across all channels. After all, a complete contact centre experience includes video meetings and live chat.

What is Virtual Call Center?

A virtual call centre is a solution that allows contact centre agents to be geographically dispersed rather than working from a single physical location to provide customer service interactions. A virtual call centre makes efficient use of distributed and diverse workforces by matching the appropriate agent with the customer based on business rules.

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