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Run your business with best-in-class call center software, you can automate calls, increase team efficiency, and improve customer experience.

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Improves the Customer Experience With Call Center Software

  • Give better customer experience and automate call operations.

  • Reach out to customers with advanced features.

  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing numbers and systems.

  • Get actionable call analytics to help you make better decisions.

best call center software


Integrate VoxDesk dialer solutions to screen out answering machines, reduce agent wait time, and boost connections.



Use VoxDesk automatic dialer to dynamically converting text data to spoken words, it is capable of providing dynamic information to your contacts.

sms integration

SMS Integration

Power your call center's mobile channel with SMS integration, your agents can respond to client requirements promptly, confirm appointments, and even notify individuals of emergencies.

promotions and surveys

Promotions and Surveys

Enables companies to market their products and services to prospective customers in an efficient way.

monitor dialed numbers

Monitor Dialed Numbers

Analyze call data and access the workflow of agents to ensure efficiency in the workplace & get detailed information pertaining to the call made by agents.

distraction optimized

Distraction Optimized

Boost call center productivity with the help of our distraction-optimized dialer. This lets agents spend more time doing productive calls.

Find out more about Dialer

Call Recording

Manage all your call recordings at one place. Record outgoing phone calls for training and quality, or other purposes. Gain insights about enhancing user experience with derived results.

call recording
track numbers

Track Numbers

Track the incoming numbers and obtain the demographic data of the callers with call recording.

record conference calls

Record Conference Calls

Connect and interact with multiple callers at one time through call conferencing feature that call center software provides.

personalize recordings

Personalize Recordings

Gain the massive benefit by adding personalized experience to your customers. Manage all the calling scenarios and send voicemails from one platform with call recording.

listen recordings

Listen Recordings

Listen to recordings via a cloud-based, user-friendly service that gives you access to your call records at any time. They are kept on servers, which are backed up and protected.

auto call recording

Auto Call Recording

Record and analyse your calls using call recording feature. Call recordings are saved on a cloud-based platform, allowing you to listen to them in our app without difficulty.

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Play pre-recorded audio files to customers when necessary to keep them engaged. Record crucial data in audio files to provide customers with the right information even in the absence of an agent.

on demand voice play

On Demand Voice Play

Play the pre-recorded voice messages as per the customers' request to enhance their experience with soundboards.

multi language voice support

Multi Language Voice Support

Assist global customers in their native language as VoxDesk's Soundboard feature has multilingual support.

lead generation

Lead Generation

Shine your business by improving lead generation process with customer engagements and meeting the customer needs with Soundboards.

multiple input signals

Multiple Input Signals

Play a wide range of soundboards available on voxdesk now. Better manage your customers, & additionally get access to a range of sound boards that your team may use.

Find out more about Soundboards

Call Logging

Monitor customer calls by analyzing the call duration and waiting times. Examine call recordings or voicemails associated with a particular customer using VoxDesk’s call logging feature.

call logging


Track overall performance, call logging records may be acquired, analyzed, and exported by utilizing contemporary technologies.

call center analytics

Call Center Analytics

Get real-time statistics with call logging, allowing you to see how your campaigns are working and other information that might help you optimize your marketing efforts.

caller insights

Caller Insights

Identify the origin and demographics of phone calls that allow you to direct the call to the most qualified employees to answer specific questions with call logging.

measures customer experience

Measures Customer Experience

Discover what consumers like and dislike about your product & learn about their user experience by using call logging.

Find out more about Call Logging

Call Analytics

Track your call flows to enhance call processes, refine menu options, and boost revenue. Analyze each step a consumer takes while interacting with your agent to determine the options that are appealing to them.

call analytics
call reports

Call Reports

Analyze the performance of your call flows and generate detailed reports so you can make data-driven decisions with Call Analytics.

regular call logs

Regular Call Logs

With the help of Call Analytics, you can log all of your calls so you may share the transcript with your customer at any moment for crucial conversations or retain a copy for yourself.

call tracking

Call Tracking

With Call Analytics, You can track all calls to better understand user behaviour and make informed decisions.

accurate & detailed data

Accurate & Detailed Data

Get detailed and reliable call statistics. With call analytics, you can now quickly determine what is creating the most complaints.

Find out more about Call Analytics

Call Dispositions

Use call disposition codes to track your team’s call success rate, keep them on the same page, and obtain uniform visibility.

call dispositions
personalized call handling

Personalized Call Handling

Call Disposition assists you in recording all pertinent information regarding the most recent call to the caller. This will maintain all pertinent information for each caller/customer inline, so that the next time the same individual calls, your agents, supervisors, and other staff members will have useful information about the client call.

timely follow-up

Timely Follow-Up

Record the call disposition details with the next action item. The system will show when to contact the caller again and your staff will be able to do that in a timely manner.

get valuable insights

Get Valuable Insights

Gain overall insights into the calls your agents are making. Call Dispositions gives a rapid summary of what's going on in your agents' conversations.

Find out more about Call Dispositions

Music on Hold

Keep your prospects hooked to the call by playing a personalized choice of music when they are on hold. Keep the customers engaged with informative audio files and music to keep their interest resolute.

music on hold
engage customers

Engage Customers

Instead of a dead pause, utilise intriguing information, as well as some music to engage the caller. This will enhance the consumer experience and may lead to increased sales.

be informative

Be Informative

Increases the effectiveness of their music on wait by including promotional or informative messages into their music on hold selections. Music on hold is a simple method to improve any caller's perspective and experience with your business.

build value

Build Value

Manage effectively with prospects by using hold time. It is a wonderful way to begin your most important low-budget marketing initiatives with music on hold.

increase caller retention rate

Increase Caller Retention Rate

Allowing your callers to listen to music while on hold can increase their satisfaction. It's an addition that enhances client experience by providing pleasant background noise.

multiple musics to choose from

Multiple Musics to Choose From

Give your consumers a memorable experience with a variety of music on hold tracks that have been carefully picked to keep your consumers interested.

Find out more about Music on Hold

Call Center Scripts

Provide your agents with all the required information to answer even the most complex inquiries using call center scripting software.

call center scripts
theme based scripting

Theme Based Scripting

You can choose from different themes to present your call center scripts. You can use the image theme, color theme, or default theme. You can also color-code your call center scripts for different departments or other purposes.

multilingual scripting

Multilingual Scripting

Voxdesk support over a dozen spoken languages. Make call center scripts that troubleshoot your customer's queries without any language barriers.

script feedback tracker

Script Feedback Tracker

Voxdesk call centre scripts lets you get feedback from customer executives on how useful a script is. Create future scripts or new versions of existing ones with useful input from your team.

provide accurate information

Provide Accurate Information

Create call centre scripts that gives clients the information they need to make the best choice.

assist customers faster

Assist Customers Faster

Use scripts to lead your staff through customer support conversations at the click of a button.

Find out more about Call Center Scripts

Voicemail Drop

Track every voicemail drop from recordings and send an unlimited number of voicemails to numerous clients at any time.

voicemail drop
auto-stop ringless drops

Auto-stop Ringless Drops

Send voicemails drops to your list through our system will automatically stop and notify you when they're delivered. You'll have the ability to play the entire message in their voice mail inbox, even if it's long!

personalized messages

Personalized Messages

Send a limitless amount of voicemail messages to mobile phones and home phones. Above important, record your voicemail drop to ensure flawless insertion with your ringless voicemail campaign.

real-time reporting

Real-time Reporting

Get reports about your voicemail drops, call loop, and non-compatible numbers in one click. Reports are detailed with easy to read charts on campaign success with notifications when it's time for a new campaign.

send pre-recorded messages

Send Pre-Recorded Messages

Deliver informative pre-recorded messages and simplify the process of providing better customer service.

Find out more about Voicemail Drop

List Management

Organize your contacts effortlessly and track all their interactions to improve sales and customer service operations.

list management
segment contacts

Segment Contacts

Segmenting your contacts enables you to focus your attention on specific groups of contacts, while improving your overall outreach efficiency.

track contacts

Track Contacts

Tracking contacts in a list management system allows users to efficiently manage the lists of contacts for an event or promotion.

edit contacts list

Edit Contacts List

The Contacts list contains the name, company, email and phone number of each contact you've stored in your Address Book. From the list, you can add a new contact, customize an existing one, or delete it.

Find out more about List Management


Help your agents focus on the important client conversations while VoxDesk voice bots handle repetitive tasks and queries.

multi languages

Multi Languages

Containing a variety of realistic voices and language support, this system allows you to personalise your voice and communicate your message around the world.

processing in real time

Processing in Real Time

TTS (Text-to-Speech) is used to collect caller information and decide how to handle the call in order to standardise business processes. This leads to a better customer experience for the customer.

custom voice

Custom Voice

There are a variety of natural-sounding male and female voices to choose from and a text-to-speech function. To make the voice sound more natural and friendly, you can change how it sounds.

Find out more about Voicebot

Call Campaign

Increase your sales and customer service with an effective call campaign with supportive settings such as scripts, caller ID, and dispositions

call campaign
lead groups

Lead Groups

Agents can segment their calls by different criteria such as customer profile, goals, or location. This allows them to focus their attention on specific segments of contacts while improving their overall outreach efficiency.

use auto dialer

Use Auto Dialer

All phone numbers associated with a contact are dialed automatically. More phone calls are made during a campaign when this feature is activated, increasing the campaign's success rate.

email automation

Email Automation

Email automation helps call center agents create seamless customer engagement experiences. Using the script, an agent can send pre-written emails when wrapping up a phone call.

Find out more about Call Campaign

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Amazing tips and how-to guides to help businesses succeed like the Fortune 500.


How Predictive Dialers Can Improve Customer Experience & Boost Conversions

Predictive dialers can improve your customer service by making it easier to get in touch with your customers and giving you the ability to track customer interactions.

5 Ways To Use Informative Call Dispositions For Better Messages

Call dispositions allow your teams to use specific codes to identify the outcomes of various calls. The codes used may vary depending on how your team collaborates.

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The best call center software routes call to the right agents provides additional context for employees and support management in implementing omnichannel strategies.

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What is Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialer is a clever dialer that makes simultaneous calls to many numbers before routing the call to your agent or contact person. Smart predictive dialers are phone systems that make calls, play recorded messages, initiate calls, and either pass them to your agents or call the individual who requested the contact.

Who Uses Predictive Dialer?

To achieve optimal efficiency, predictive dialer technology automates the dialing of outgoing calls by employing an algorithm to predict the availability of outgoing agents. Predictive dialers are used in telemarketing, consumer research, debt recovery, and customer service follow-up.

What are the Benefits of Predictive Dialer Software?

Here are the seven most essential advantages of predictive dialers for your sales-oriented contact centre to help you understand how you may use your call centre to keep agents productive.

Why Do You Need Dialer for Your Business?

There are many reasons why you should use dialer for your business. It is one of the best call lead generation tools ever invented. Read this article to discover more benefits of using dialer.

What is Call Center Recording Software?

Call center recording software is a powerful tool to help your company, and your call center agents, better serve customers by delivering excellent customer service.

What is Soundboards Software?

Call center soundboards software is a phone call management program that allows you to create and play sound files through your phone system.

What are the Benefits of Call Recording Software?

The benefits of call recording software are varied, but it can be a critical business tool for many organisations. Here's how it works and what you need to know.

Which Call Recording Features Helps to Improve Customer Service?

There are a number of features you can add to your call recording software to make sure your team is getting the most out of it. Here we'll go over some of the features that will help improve customer service.

What are Different Types of Dialer?

Dialers are software applications that you can use to contact hundreds of people at once. This article will explain the different types of dialer and how they work.

What is a Dialer?

Dialers are phone systems that can make outbound calls to potential customers. They can be set up to dial numbers automatically, play pre-recorded messages, and answer incoming calls.

What Is Auto Dialer Software?

In today's digitized environment, you can't overlook the importance of communication in your business organization. Customers are after proactive communication, which makes it necessary to find the right auto dialer solution for your business needs.

How To Evaluate Call Center Performance

Running a call center comes with a lot of work and it needs to be evaluated properly in order to ensure the smooth running of a call center. It might seem like a huge process but voxdesk has got you covered. Read on to know more about how Voxdesk helps in making that process seamless.

What Is A Virtual Call Center

A virtual call centre supports staff who are geographically dispersed in providing customer care engagements rather than working from a single physical location.

What is Outbound Call Center Software?

Outbound call centre software enables businesses to contact potential consumers for a range of business-specific goals, such as sales, product/service feedback, or surveys.

What is Number Porting?

Number porting means changing the network provider of an existing number. For example, when you port your number, you take an existing phone number and transfer it to another provider.

What are Informative Call Dispositions?

Also known as call disposition codes or call tags, these are the labels agents give the clients after the call.

How To Record Conference Calls

Most conference call services offer their users a recording tool, which can be used to record the call. This article will look at a few steps to record conference calls and make them available for future references.

How To Use Informative Call Dispositions To Improve Message Quality

Call disposition is an essential tool for call centers and live support agents. It provides clear visibility into the outcome of calls. Call disposition enables you to summarize the conversation and label it with a clear description.

What Does A Call Center Do?

Companies worldwide rely on their affiliated call centers to handle customer queries and complaints. Selling products is also a job for call center employees. The call center agents handle incoming and outgoing calls from potential new customers or existing customers.

How To Add Music To On-Hold Calls

Here’s an effective approach to add any type of music to engage your clients as they wait for your response.

Is It Worth Investing in Call Center Software?

In the digitized environment we live in today; customers are always impatient. And, to keep up with the competition, you need to up your game.

How Does Number Porting Work?

Being able to get through to your customers 24/7 via telephone is essential. Understanding how to effiiciently perform calls is important.

Does VoxDesk Provide Call Center CRM Software?

Call center CRM software gives you quick access to customer details. Managing customer relationships has never been this easier.

How To Connect With Prospects Using Dialer Software

Automatic dialers are handy for making service and sales calls. Thanks to its functionality and simplicity, you can effectively answer calls and deliver crucial information by connecting customers to available agents.

How To Decide The Right Software For Call Center Teams?

The selection of the most appropriate software can be difficult in today's world, where there are numerous options. This guide will give you some suggestions on how to find the best fit for your requirement of the company.

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