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Improves the Customer Experience With Call Center Software

  • Give better customer experience and automate call operations.

  • Reach out to customers with advanced features.

  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing numbers and systems.

  • Get actionable call analytics to help you make better decisions.

best call center software


Integrate VoxDesk dialer solutions to assist in screening out answering machines, reducing agent waiting time as calls are automatically assigned, and resulting in more connections, particularly when people connect using a local phone number rather than an unknown one.

click to call

Click to Call

Use VoxDesk automatic dialer to eliminate the need for a click-to-call dialer, CTC dialers offer their own benefits. Instead of being overwhelmed with calls, it allows the agent to properly prepare for the call.

sms integration

SMS Integration

Power your call center's mobile channel with SMS integration, your agents can respond to client requirements promptly, confirm appointments, and even notify individuals of emergencies.

promotions and surveys

Promotions and Surveys

Enables companies to market their products and services to prospective customers in an efficient way.

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Call Recordings

Manage all your call recordings at one place. Record incoming or outgoing phone calls for training, marketing, or other purposes. Gain insights about enhancing user experience with derived results.

call recordings
track numbers

Track Numbers

Track the incoming numbers and obtain the demographic data of the callers.

record conference calls

Record Conference Calls

Connect and interact with multiple callers at one time through call conferencing feature that call center software provides.

personalize recordings

Personalize Recordings

Gain the massive benefit by adding personalized experience to your customers. Manage all the calling scenarios and send voicemails from one platform.

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Allow agents to play a few selected audio recordings, such as legal or contractual disclaimers, or they can completely replace an agent speaking to the client in far more complicated audio soundboard installations.

on demand voice play

On Demand Voice Play

Play the pre-recorded voice messages as per the customers' request to enhance their experience.

multi language voice support

Multi Language Voice Support

Assist global customers in their native language as VoxDesk has multilingual support.

lead generation

Lead Generation

Shine your business by improving lead generation process with customer engagements and meeting the customer needs.

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Call Logging

Monitor customer calls, know the call duration and waiting times, find out individual call recordings or voicemails associated with the particular customer using call logging feature that VoxDesk has.

call logging


Track overall performance, call logging records may be acquired, analyzed, and exported by utilizing contemporary technologies.

call center analytics

Call Center Analytics

Call logging offers real-time statistics, allowing you to see how your campaigns are working and other information that might help you optimize your marketing efforts.

caller insights

Caller Insights

Identify the origin and demographics of phone calls that allow you to direct the call to the most qualified employees to answer specific questions.

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Call Analytics

Track your call flows easily to enhance call processes and menu options and boost revenue. Analyze each step a consumer takes during a conversation to see what options appeal to them when they contact your company.

call analytics
call reports

Call Reports

Analyze the performance of your call flows and generate detailed reports so you can make data-driven decisions.

regular call logs

Regular Call Logs

Log all of your calls so you may share the transcript with your customer at any moment for crucial conversations or retain a copy for yourself.

call tracking

Call Tracking

Track all calls to better understand user behaviour and make informed decisions.

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Call Dispositions

Use call disposition codes, you can label both your inbound and outbound calls to keep your entire team on the same page. This provides a simple way for recording how successfully calls have gone, as well as uniform visibility throughout the whole team.

call dispositions
personalized call handling

Personalized Call Handling

Assists you in recording all pertinent information regarding the most recent call to the caller. This will maintain all pertinent information for each caller/customer inline, so that the next time the same individual calls, your agents, supervisors, and other staff members will have useful information about the client call.

timely follow-up

Timely Follow-Up

Record the call disposition details with the next action item. The system will show when to contact the caller again and your staff will be able to do that in a timely manner.

automate call log

Automate Call Log

Provide you with all the details you need to review and oversee different aspects of your call center. Holds, abandonment and live answers can be monitored and tracked so that they can be followed up on appropriately.

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Call Queuing

Enhance customer calling experience by playing music-on-hold and let your prospects wait until their queries have been answered. Simply leave a voicemail to connect with them as soon as your agent is available.

call queuing
call notification

Call Notification

Get to know about the missed customer calls and leave a voice message to connect with them back.

direct dial numbers

Direct Dial Numbers

Assign each employee a Direct Dial Number to facilitate communication with clients, prospects, and other company contacts.

number porting

Number Porting

Quickly move the existing phone numbers using number porting options offered by VoxDesk.

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Music on Hold

Utilise to keep the phone line connected and make the wait more enjoyable. During waiting intervals, music on hold is automatically played to the caller and ceases when the call is resumed. During lengthier delays, such as the caller's current queue position, frequently interrupt the music.

music on hold
engage customers

Engage Customers

Instead of a dead pause, utilise intriguing information, as well as some music to engage the caller. This will enhance the consumer experience and may lead to increased sales.

be informative

Be Informative

Increases the effectiveness of their music on wait by including promotional or informative messages into their music on hold selections. Music on hold is a simple method to improve any caller's perspective and experience with your business.

build value

Build Value

Manage effectively with prospects by using hold time. It is a wonderful way to begin your most important low-budget marketing initiatives.

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Call Center Scripts

Use call center scripting software, your agents will always have all of the information they need to answer even the most complex inquiries. Voxdesk allows you to select alternative scripts for processing inbound and outgoing agent calls, as well as online chats. Each scenario may have a variety of blocks for carrying out certain activities.

call center scripts
theme based scripting

Theme Based Scripting

You can choose from different themes to present your call center scripts. You can use the image theme, color theme, or default theme. You can also color-code scripts for different departments or other purposes.

multilingual scripting

Multilingual Scripting

Voxdesk support over a dozen spoken languages. Make call center scripts that troubleshoot your customer's queries without any language barriers.

script feedback tracker

Script Feedback Tracker

Voxdesk call centre scripting software lets you get feedback from customer executives on how useful a script is. Create future scripts or new versions of existing ones with useful input from your team.

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Voicemail Drop

Track every voicemail message from voicemail recordings and ensure that no voicemails are dropped. Alsop, send an unlimited amount of voicemails to an unlimited number of recipients at any time.

voicemail drop
auto-stop ringless drops

Auto-stop Ringless Drops

Send voicemails to your list through our system will automatically stop and notify you when they're delivered. You'll have the ability to play the entire message in their voice mail inbox, even if it's long!

personalized messages

Personalized Messages

Send a limitless amount of voicemail messages to mobile phones and home phones. Above important, record your voicemail drop to ensure flawless insertion with your ringless voicemail campaign.

real-time reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Get reports about your voicemail, call loop, and non-compatible numbers in one click. Reports are detailed with easy to read charts on campaign success with notifications when it's time for a new campaign.

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Call Routing

Prevents your team from being overwhelmed by the number of inbound calls received at once by balancing the workload between agents with call routing.

call routing


Enhance the customer experience with our call routing system. It offers ways to customize how you configure the call routing settings. You have complete freedom over your call management system to design it how you want for your individual business and unique calling audience.

enhanced mobility

Enhanced Mobility

Advanced call routing cloud based system that provides a way to connect to any phone, device or phone number anywhere in the world. This mobility allows you to include international phone numbers, toll-free phone numbers, and multiple extensions.

greater convenience

Greater Convenience

No matter what business hours you keep, the call routing system works around the clock thanks to features like auto-attendant and the automatic call distributor that connects callers to the right phone extension.

multi-call routing

Multi-call Routing

Eliminates the confusion of past legacy phone systems and provides an easy way to organize your communication and customer interaction.

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IVR System

Allows you to adapt to changing business situations more quickly and provide a better customer experience. It is also completely connected with the automatic contact system as part of a single cloud-native platform.

ivr system
design personalized ivr

Design Personalized IVR

Smart IVR optimization guarantees that your IVR script is consistent with your company's overall messaging in order to preserve consistency and hassle-free client interaction.

redefine flexibility

Redefine Flexibility

Convert clients and manage lists efficiently by creating the responsive IVR with simple drag-and-drop options.

self service automation

Self Service Automation

Respond to the frequent questions and reduce waiting queues. Allow IVR to handle your customer queries automatically.

customized call flows

Customized Call Flows

Choose a flow from the many available possibilities and then select one from the library. Create an IVR for your organisation by using the flows to trigger an action for a certain answer.

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VoxDesk can assist you in complying with Do Not Call rules by allowing you to upload your company's supplemental DNC list to the cloud online, preventing these numbers from being called by your outbound and autodialer campaigns.

drop call file

Drop Call File

Save opt-outs from contacts to DNC lists and save time by eliminating the list of unnecessary contacts. They can be uploaded to DNC immediately while the campaign is underway.

comply with dnc laws

Comply With DNC Laws

Maintain the agent productivity while using VoxDesk DNC regulatory compliance and list management tools to easily comply with laws.

dnc list integration

DNC List Integration

Quickly upload your company's DNC list to the cloud to block numbers from being dialled by outbound and auto-dialer campaigns.

Find out more about DNC

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer allows you to quickly manage the list of contacts in particular campaigns. You may also monitor and gather data connected to your campaigns - statistics on sales, the popularity of offered items, the history of client calls, and so on.

predictive dialer
multiple dialing modes

Multiple Dialing Modes

Employ with intelligent algorithms to pick agents and phone numbers ahead of time. Meanwhile, as soon as the previous call finishes, the power dialer selects new contacts. Increase contact rates and decrease wait times while maintaining your drop rating.

pacing ratio

Pacing Ratio

Save with pacing ratio, it is a method of dialling a large number of numbers for a single agent all at once, which aids in the predictive dialer's objective of enhancing the agent's performance and efficiency.

filter-based calling

Filter-Based Calling

Allow managers to create a variety of criteria based on time zone, region or other demographics with filters. This might assist you in getting more focused and concentrated results.

intelligent call assigning

Intelligent Call Assigning

Automate your call routing with predictive dialing to help improve customer service and increase efficiency.

Find out more about Predictive Dialer

Call Transfer

Allow agents to swiftly and simply transfer live calls to another agent or an expert who has the technical competence or working experience to answer a complicated question that your caller has. This allows us to provide faster resolutions to customers without letting them travel in loops or hold the line for too long.

call transfer
transfer calls

Transfer Calls

Easy to transfer calls, just select the agent or team you want them transferred to and whether you're transferring a cold or warm call.

switch across devices

Switch Across Devices

Use call transfer to easily have a business conversation on different devices with ease. When you call yourself, it will automatically transfer the phone number so you can change locations without losing your connection.

augmented agent collaboration

Augmented Agent Collaboration

Bring together the experience and expertise of multiple agents to solve a single caller’s query with call transfer and it talk about providing seamless customer services.

Find out more about Call Transfer

CRM Integration

Allows effortless connectivity between CRM software and third-party applications. These integrations facilitate automated actions that augment the functions of your software. This allows you to cancel the need to switch back and forth among systems.

crm integration
contextual agent interactions

Contextual Agent Interactions

Maintain all call-related data in one place and deliver a context-driven customer experience with real-time data sync in both applications.

seamless conversation

Seamless Conversation

Maintain call related data in the same place allows the service provider to provide a much better customer experience with instant access to information about current calls.

intelligent predictive dialing

Intelligent Predictive Dialing

Allow predictive diallers to evaluate possibilities based on lead scores and connect agents with an outbound number that has the greatest chance of a conversion with CRM integartion.

improved agent productivity

Improved Agent Productivity

Remove the need to manually switch tabs while performing telephony activities such as placing calls on hold, call transfer, phone conferencing, and so on, as well as accessing client data in CRM.

Find out more about CRM Integration

Outbound Call Center

Simplifies and improves this by automating dialling, screening answering machines, and allowing agents to click to dial a contact number. All of these outbound call centre features, along with others, work together to improve agent productivity, call centre operations, and connect rates.

outbound call center
click to call

Click to Call

Make sales calls with a single tap, eliminating the need to manually dial contact numbers.

live call transfer

Live Call Transfer

Transfer line from one agent to another without disconnecting the call.

live panel

Live Panel

Get daily call reports, monitor agents’ performance, and track ongoing calls in the live dashboard.

Find out more about Outbound Call Center

Inbound Call Center

Automate and improved by automated dialling, screening answering machines, and giving agents the option to click to dial a contact number. All of these inbound call centre capabilities, along with others, work together to improve agent productivity, call centre operations, and connect rates.

inbound call center
call handling capabilities

Call Handling Capabilities

Interact with your existing CRM system and provide all of the basic contact centre functionalities, such as call control and call recording.

call routing features

Call Routing Features

Perform general call routing activities such as sending calls to the right agents based on various parameters using IVR and business hour management.

contact management

Contact Management

Being able to keep track of all the queries and interactions coming from all touch points, provide a great way to control. An ideal inbound contact center software should have a contact management capability to provide reliable customer service.

Find out more about Inbound Call Center

Auto Dialer

Enhance proactive communications by improving how you engage with your clients. Use sophisticated automation to increase campaign effectiveness and agent efficiency with preview, progressive, and predictive dialing modes.

auto dialer
dial order

Dial Order

Ensures that the auto-dialer dials out all the phone numbers that are mapped to contact and increases the dial coverage for a business.

manage multiple campaigns

Manage Multiple Campaigns

Voxdesk’s auto dialer helps you to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. It makes the process of monitoring and managing your campaign easier, allowing you to reach out to more people at once.

answer machine detection

Answer Machine Detection

Ensures a caller will not be connected to an answering machine. The call connects only when a live person answers the phone at the other end.

auto call answer

Auto Call Answer

Save clients from long wait with auto call response, where it is critical to answer incoming calls promptly since it saves clients from having to wait for a long time before speaking with an agent.

Find out more about Auto Dialer

Speed Dialer

Use speed dialling codes, Voxdesk speed dialer allows you to contact multiple phone numbers fast and easily. It's not like when you used basic landline phones or analogue phones and had to manually dial the full phone number you wanted to contact.

speed dialer
drag & drop reordering

Drag & Drop Reordering

Get VoxDesk Speed Dialer, it provides a resilient core call center software that allows agents to manage the flow of calls seamlessly. With this, companies will be able to save time and resources while increasing productivity.

toolbar buttons

Toolbar buttons

Gain benefit with speed dialer, it is an easy-to-use software for incoming and outgoing calls in call centers. It makes it easier for employees to speed dial customer's phone numbers using toolbar buttons.

speed dial sidebar

Speed Dial Sidebar

Speed dial sidebar allows the call center agents to improve the productivity of their work, reduce the number of times they need to reach out to other parties and also increase customer satisfaction.

Find out more about Speed Dialer

Robo Dialer

Use VoxDesk dialer, it provides many business-oriented capabilities that significantly boost its overall productivity. Cloud technology improves the quality of robo dialers and makes them more adaptable and expandable to meet the demands of businesses.

robo dialer


Remainders are the most effective means of staying in touch with consumers. A cloud-based robo dialer is a fantastic method to easily deliver company notifications.

scheduling campaigns

Scheduling Campaigns

Get action insights with robo dialer, it has all of the capabilities needed to schedule campaigns and make different settings for different client groups.

text to speech

Text to Speech

Use text to speech function, you may make voice messages from text. Using consumer information, you may customise communications.

Find out more about Robo Dialer

Automatic Call Distributor

Allows for managers to engage in call monitoring, call conferencing, call barging and whisper coaching. These features enhance the coaching process as well as managerial practices. ACDs also allow for acquisition of data to facilitate real-time and historical reporting.

automatic call distributor
automatic call back

Automatic Call Back

Among callers who would like to avoid the waiting queue. This service provides an option for callers to receive an agent's callback instead of having to wait on the line with VoxDesk ACD.

multiple call queues

Multiple Call Queues

Allow companies to have multiple waiting queues. For instance, there can be different waiting queues for different departments, different teams of agents or different numbers that the caller dialed

call center overflow

Call Center Overflow

Can easily handle high call volumes, when all agents are busy and the queues are full, calls can be automatically directed to voicemail using the ACD.

Find out more about Automatic Call Distributor

Call Monitoring

Track calls and improve their performance and to provide a better customer experience. While call listening only involves listening to ongoing/live calls, call monitoring encompasses all agent-related information like availability, number of agents in conversation, number of agents online, and their service level adherence.

call monitoring
service level monitoring

Service Level Monitoring

Understand how well your call center is performing. As a manager, you will be able to get a visual representation of service level targets, and how well your call center is performing against the set targets.

abandoned call metrics

Abandoned Call Metrics

View abandon call metrics, you'll be able to see where customers are dropping off. You can use this information to improve customer service.

reporting and analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Measure your call center's performance with VoxDesk. Reviews include key metrics like call transfers, customer satisfaction, and staff turnover.

Find out more about Call Monitoring

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