What is Soundboards Software?

Call center soundboards software is a phone call management program that allows you to create and play sound files through your phone system.

A growing trend in the calling industry has been the adoption of soundboard software. “Digital soundboard,” “soundboard” or “avatar,” is an interactive telephone agent-driven software package.

This application comes with a set of sound file playback options. The sound files are often prerecorded messages. And, the options, when selected, play these messages. Telephone agents use a combination of these options to converse with their customers.

Call center systems provide a broad array of features designed to engage and satisfy consumers. The Soundboard Avatars function is one of the more intriguing capabilities available in sophisticated, more precisely intelligent call center software. It keeps customers interested.

The call center is one of the most growing industries in the world. Generally, it deals with angry, disinterested, or confused people. As one can assume the job of the agents dealing with these types of customers is already difficult. They have to take care of the code of conduct as well as need to make sure the customer is engaged during the call and doesn’t hang up before. The reason to keep the customer engaged is that the abandoned ratio will increase if customers hang up early. This will lead customers towards dissatisfaction which can be bombarded on social media or other platforms. Thus, modern call center solutions come with a wide array of features. Some of them are specifically designed and developed to engage and delight customers.

What is call center soundboard software?

Soundboard is a function that is typically accessible in sophisticated or intelligent call center software. This functionality was created expressly to boost customer engagement, particularly in the initial few seconds when a consumer receives their first impression of the agent and the firm. There are several applications for Soundboard, which is why intelligent call center software with the Soundboard function is gaining popularity. There are several methods for this feature to engage customers, and we will highlight the most important ones:

1. To engage customers with native speaking accents:

Everyone feels comfortable talking with someone from their own region or country. In fact, there are some people such as American English speakers that insist to talk with someone local. It is difficult for a call center to arrange local or native speakers for all different accents available in English. Here comes the Soundboard feature of an intelligent call center solution at a rescue. Soundboard Avatars can store the same message in different accents and can play the same as per the speaker. This will not only keep the caller engaged, but it will also make them feel comfortable. In some cases, it also results in first call resolution which is much needed in the call centers.

2. To respond to the people speaking in a non-native language:

There can be people speaking some other language than English. Furthermore, in countries like India, there are agents that can understand English when spoken, but find it difficult to speak in English. In the call centers in India, management often deals with the scarcity of manual resources, especially, fluent English speakers. Here, Soundboard Avatars can work like a miracle. The agents, who cannot speak English confidently, can work for the call centers with Soundboard Avatars. It will keep customers engaged and agents productive. In fact, it will also boost the morale of agents and increase performance. This can also help in increasing ROI. This type of use case can be applied in all countries where the agents are serving the customers in different regions while their own native language is different.

How does soundboard work?

In a contact center, soundboard software runs on each telephone agent’s computer workstation. Agents interact with the soundboard playback options using their keyboard and mouse. Options are generally labeled with a brief description of the sound file. Upon selecting an option, the software plays the corresponding audio recording. For example, in response to a customer saying “Hello,” the telephone agent may want to respond with “How can I help you?” By selecting the “Help?” labeled option, the soundboard would play “How can I help you?” to the customer. A phone conversation would proceed in this manner. For each customer inquiry, the telephone agent would select the appropriate response.

What are the key benefits of Soundboards?

There are many reasons why call centers are using avatar software. Of these, the primary reasons include consistency, cost, and compliance.


Soundboard enables telephone agents to deliver clear and consistent messages on each call. In contrast to live calling, the quality, tone, and delivery of the agent’s “voice” remains the same.


We compared calling performance between telephone agents operating soundboard and live-voice agents. The results showed soundboard outperformed live agents in every metric. Plus, it came with the added benefit of reducing complaint calls. On the whole, soundboard increased revenue and reduced potential costs.


Soundboard promotes accurate delivery of call center scripts. Script adherence is crucial for scripts containing mandatory state disclosures.

These are the top use cases of this amazing feature. There are many people that use it along with many interesting features available in intelligent call center software.

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