What is Soundboards Software?

Call center soundboards software is a phone call management program that allows you to create and play sound files through your phone system.


Use predictive automated dialer to make more calls at any point of time


Minimize agent's fatigue using voicemail drops and sound boards


Trigger advanced automation like adding call notes, sending emails based on the call outcome


Increase lead generation by 5x with unlimited calls and minutes


Choose your own provider to get the best possible industry rates


Enable the call wrap-up time to limit the agent's time spent on calls


Music on hold to fill the void


Unbelievable pricing - the lowest you will ever find


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What Makes the Best Call Center Software?

Telephone companies have increased using soundboard software. A "digital soundboard" is a software solution that engages telephone agents. This function allows you to play audio files. Often, the audio files contain prerecorded messages. Additionally, when these options are selected, these messages are played. Telephone agents communicate with their consumers via a combination of these methods.

Call center systems provide plenty of features aimed at engaging and satisfying consumers. The Soundboard Avatars feature is one of the most intriguing features in sophisticated, or more precisely, intelligent, call center software. It retains customer interest.

The call center industry is one of the fastest-rising sectors of the global economy. Generally, it is associated with angry, indifferent, or perplexed individuals. As one could imagine, the agents who deal with these customers already have a difficult job. They must adhere to the code of conduct and ensure that the consumer remains engaged during the call and does not hang up prematurely. The rationale for maintaining client engagement is because if customers hang up early, the abandoned ratio will increase. This will inevitably result in client unhappiness, broadcast on social media and other venues. As a result, current call center solutions have a plethora of capabilities. Several of them are purpose-built to engage and delight clients.

What is call center soundboards software?

Soundboards are a feature that is often included in more advanced call center software. This functionality was built specifically to increase customer interaction, particularly during the opening few seconds when a consumer forms an opinion of the agent and the organization. There are several applications for Soundboard, which is why intelligent call center software with the Soundboard function is gaining popularity. There are several methods for this feature to engage customers, and we will highlight the most important ones:

1. Customers with native speaking accents are more likely to be engaged

Everyone feels comfortable talking with someone from their region or country. Some people, such as American English speakers, insist on speaking with someone local. It is difficult for a call center to arrange local or native speakers for all different accents available in English. Here comes the Soundboard feature of an intelligent call center solution at a rescue. Soundboard Avatars can store the same message in different accents and play the same as the speaker. This will not only keep the caller engaged but will also make them feel comfortable. In some cases, it also results in first call resolution, which is much needed in the call centers.

2. Responding to people who are speaking in a language other than their own

There can be people speaking some other language than English. Furthermore, some agents can understand English when spoken in countries like India but find it difficult to talk in English. In the call centers in India, management often deals with the scarcity of manual resources exceptionally fluent English speakers. Here, Soundboard Avatars can work like a miracle. The agents, who cannot speak English confidently, can work for the call centers with Soundboard Avatars. It will keep customers engaged and agents productive. It will also boost agents' morale and increase performance. This can also help in increasing ROI. This type of use case can be applied in all countries where the agents are serving the customers in different regions while their native language is foreign.

How do soundboards work?

In a contact center, soundboard software is installed on each telephone agent's computer workstation. Agents use their keyboard and mouse to interact with the soundboard playback choices. The sound file's options are usually labeled with a brief description. The software plays the matching audio recording after you select an option. For example, if a customer says "Hello," the telephone agent might react with "How can I assist you?" The Soundboard would play "How can I help you?" to the consumer if the "Help?" labeled option was selected. This is how a telephone conversation would go. The telephone agent would choose the proper response for each customer inquiry.

What are the key benefits of Soundboards?

Call centers use avatar software for a variety of purposes. The main reasons for this are consistency, cost, and compliance.


Telephone agents can use the Soundboard to provide clear and consistent messages on each call. Compared to living calling, the agent's "voice" retains its quality, tone, and delivery.


We contrasted the performance of soundboard operators with live-voice agents over the phone. In every category, Soundboard outperformed live agents, according to the findings. It has added benefit of lowering the number of complaints received. Overall, Soundboard boosted income while reducing possible costs.


Soundboard encourages call center scripts to be delivered correctly. For scripts with mandatory state disclosures, script adherence is essential.

These are the most common applications for this incredible feature. There are many individuals who use it, and there are a lot of intriguing features in intelligent call center software.

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