prioritise potential customers.

Increase agent productivity by maximising onboarding by targeting potential clients.


Direct Your Agents Calls towards Prospective Clients

Maximise onboarding by targeting potential clients & increase agent productivity.

priority leave note
maximise conversion rate

Maximise Conversion Rate

Target the most prospective clients with the help of Priority feature. Agents will concentrate on onboarding such clients, hence maximising conversion rate.

prioritise prospective clients

Prioritise Prospective Clients

Organise your caller list based on priority & Reach the most Prospective clients as soon as possible before the client loses interest.

prioritise clients based on analytics.

Prioritise Clients Based on Analytics.

Prioritise your most potential clients through previous call data & instant follow up calls would impact them in favour of your service.

segregate based on priority

Segregate Based on Priority

Sort out clients based on various metrics. Segregate based on priroty is the ultimate tool for small, medium and large businesses to segment their customers and create a database of rich data that lets them tailor their customer experience.

What is Priority Calls?

With priority calls, You can assign Priority status to your most important customers based on call analytics. With Priority calling, agents will principally target prospective clients.

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