Interactive Soundboards

to add personalized experience for callers

Play pre-recorded audio messages to provide efficient communication with prospects.

Interactive Soundboards

Power up Communication for Outbound calls with Soundboards

Create effective communication for the prospects by playing pre-recorded audio messages with Soundboards

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multi language voice support

Multi Language Voice Support

Send voicemails in their native tongues to prospective customers who are located all over the world. Using the multilingual option that our call center software offers, switch the recorded audio messages into different languages.

lead generation

Lead Generation

Augment the best practices of enhancing the lead conversions by personalizing the experience for them with soundboards feature offered by VoxDesk's Soundboard system.

multiple input signals

Multiple Input Signals

Enjoy the thrill of playing the wide variety of soundboards that voxdesk has on offer today. You can now play multiple soundboards from your phone and keep your customers engaged. Voxdesk provides an easy way for small businesses to take better control of their customer service needs.

What are Soundboards?

Soundboard implementations allow a call center agent to talk with a client in real time by playing a previously recorded response.Soundboards have been in use for a while and the popularity is growing; they can be useful for public speaking or enable people with strong accents to speak without an issue. Learn more about Soundboards Software

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