Closest Location

call closest clients for high success rate

Increase your engagement and client satisfaction ratios, and your sales will surge.

Closest Location

Engage with Closest Clients to Maximize Sales

Increase engagement ratio, customer satisfaction ratio and take your sales to next level.

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manage call volume

Manage Call Volume

Manage your call volume with the closest location feature and increase conversion ratio. Closest Location VoxDesk feature instantly helps to target the nearest client to you for an instant response.

maximize call conversions

Maximize Call Conversions

Get the most effective and efficient results with Closest Location feature. You'll be able to target and approach your nearest potential customer so as to maximise your call conversions.

connect closest clients

Connect Closest Clients

Designed and crafted intrusively to connect with your closest available customer within seconds. VoxDesk software is up to date with your clients' current location, so that you can get more done in less time increasing ratio of successful calls.

expand reachability

Expand Reachability

Maximize the number of connected calls because the closest numbers will be dialed first. In addition to helping you maintain better connections, it also reduces total minutes spent on dialing. You can connect to the nearest numbers first, hence maximizing the number of connected calls.

What is Closest Location ?

Closest Location feature calls the numbers that are in the closest radius. This helps in quickly connecting calls. Wtih this feature, a call center can acheive maximum successful calls.

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