Call Notes

address caller needs effectively.

Call notes will help you improve client satisfaction. Agents can better comprehend the caller's wants and accurately answer them.

Call Notes

Store Caller Data to Optimize Service & Future Campaigns

Improve Caller Satisfaction with call notes. Agents can now understand the needs of the caller and address them effectively.

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manage call data

Manage Call Data

Manage caller Information with the help of call notes. Agents can now take down notes about the caller, giving them a boost even before they take a follow up call with a client.

store caller information

Store Caller Information

Store Vital Data of the caller with the help of Call Notes. This data will be crucial for future campaigns as well as follow up calls. Feedback from the callers is also very useful for business.

optimise future campaigns.

Optimise Future Campaigns.

Optimise your call campaigns with the help of call notes. Call notes helps you understand your client issues and needs giving you a chance to optimise your future campaigns effectively.

procure and store information

Procure and Store Information

Keep your notes organized and easy to access for future reference. Call notes is an innovative, intuitive feature that helps you to generate and store vital information regarding calls for future purposes.

What is Call Notes?

With call notes, you can oversee client data flawlessly in the form of these notes. Agents will know precisely what the customer is keen on and can get a heads-up before the call begins.

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