Informative Call Dispositions

improve message quality

Find your contact numbers at ease with VoxDesk's tagging capabilities.

Informative Call Dispositions

Create Tags to Identify Numbers Quickly with Call DIspositions.

Find your contact numbers easily with the VoxDesk tagging capabilities.

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personalized call handling

Personalized Call Handling

Record vital information about every call made throughout the campaign. You can create notes for each customer or prospect whom you called in a campaign.

timely follow-up

Timely Follow-Up

Record the details for the next action item with call disposition. So if the next action item is to reach the caller again on a given date and time, then your staff will be able to do that in time. Even the system can be programmed to generate an outbound call on that specific time and date.

get valuable insights

Get Valuable Insights

Get useful understanding into the calls your agents are making with our lightweight, inexpensive tool that provides a quick overview of what's happening in your agent's calls. Get detailed insights & call-level data using our call dispositions tool.

What is Call Disposition?

Call disposition codes also known as Call tags are used to label the outcome of calls. Using call disposition codes. For instance, your sales reps can tag prospects as interested/not interested.

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