Call Monitoring Software

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Track your agents' performance on calls by monitoring them with call monitoring feature.

Call Monitoring Software

Call Monitoring Lets You Monitor Your Agents From Anywhere

Monitor your agents to track their performance on calls.

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service level monitoring

Service Level Monitoring

Understand how well your call center is performing with call monitoring. As a manager, you will be able to get a visual representation of service level targets, and how well your call center is performing against the set targets.

abandoned call metrics

Abandoned Call Metrics

Measure abandoned call metrics to understand where the call drops are happening in the call journey. As call center supervisor, you can view the number of calls abandoned, whether they dropped off when ringing or when waiting in queue. You can use this data to improve the overall customer journey.

reporting and analytics

Reporting and Analytics

View the metrics that matter with call monitoring. Evaluate your existing processes and conversation with the help of deep reports. Analyze the overall health of your call center, and understand the number of call transfers to identify areas for improvement.

self monitor & analyse

Self Monitor & Analyse

Save time in managing the call center and quality of customer experience, even when you aren't available. You'll know who is on the phone and how their calls are going at all times. Monitor calls to all departments in your company and troubleshoot, track, and understand as a whole.

What is Call Monitoring?

Call monitoring is used to track ongoing support calls to help train new agents, ensure quality assurance, and get customer feedback. Using the call monitoring feature within phone support software managers and supervisors can listen to calls in real-time without alerting agents or customers. This decreases agent ramp time, meet quality standards to provide a consistent customer experience.

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