Auto Dialer

to improve call center efficiency

Increase your income by generating and converting more leads using automated dialer software.

Auto Dialer

Helps You to Improve Your Company Communication

Direct dialling of phone numbers from a list or database. The system is set up to call the numbers, play pre-recorded messages, and give users a choice of how to reply.

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dial order

Dial Order

Auto Dialer Ensures that all phone numbers mapped to a contact are dialed out. When this feature is used, it increases the number of phone calls made during a campaign and helps increase the success rate.

manage multiple campaigns

Manage Multiple Campaigns

Auto Dialer Allows you to run multiple campaigns at the same time. It helps you manage your campaigns easily by offering an intuitive interface and real-time statistics.

auto call answer

Auto Call Answer

Enables business operations in which agents with "auto call on" status will automatically accept dialer calls and will not have to wait for the ring tone, resulting in more conversation time for the agents.

What is an Auto Dailer?

A call centre auto dialer is a software application that automates the outbound dialling process by calling phone numbers automatically and connecting only answered calls to agents to improve performance. The automated dialling method uses consumer information to identify the optimum time and the most cost-effective way to call a contact, taking into account available human resources and compliance with regulations. An auto dialer significantly boosts contact centre productivity and is recommended for all call centres of all sizes.

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