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  • Make more connects and calls using the outbound predictive dialer

  • Reduce agent's fatigue with voicemail drops, TTS (human sounding), and soundboards

  • Create advanced automations based on call's outcome - send email, add task in PM, add note

  • Make unlimited minutes and calls

  • Integrate call activity with built-in and Outreachly

  • Bring your own provider to get the best possible industry rates with no markups

Why Choose VoxDesk for Call Center Software?

Top 10 reasons why your business should use VoxDesk and 50+ other apps from 500apps

  • #1

    Use predictive automated dialer to make more calls at any point of time

  • #2

    Minimize agent's fatigue using voicemail drops and sound boards

  • #3

    Trigger advanced automation like adding call notes, sending emails based on the call outcome

  • #4

    Increase lead generation by 5x with unlimited calls and minutes

  • #5

    Choose your own provider to get the best possible industry rates

  • #6

    Enable the call wrap-up time to limit the agent's time spent on calls

  • #8

    Music on hold to fill the void

  • #9

    Unbelievable pricing - the lowest you will ever find

  • #10

    Everything your business needs - 50 apps, 24/5 support and 99.95% uptime


Dialer for your Call Center

Increase your call connects using the most powerful dialer with advanced priority rules, call scripts

Soundboards and Voicemail Drops

Utilize pre recorded soundboards and voicemail drops to minimize call fatigue


Automate call center operations with process automation, Predictive Dialer, Automated Voicemails and Customized Call Dispositions

call center software

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Outbound Call Centers: Do's And Don'ts Of Choosing The Right Software

Technology has made it possible for small and large businesses to compete on the same levels. Today, businesses understand the importance of focusing on their customers. While providing exceptional products is important, meeting customer needs is far more important. Customer experiences can make or break your business. For that reason, investing in a call center software is a priority.

How Predictive Dialers Can Improve Customer Experience & Boost Conversions

Predictive dialers can improve your customer service by making it easier to get in touch with your customers and giving you the ability to track customer interactions.

What is the Best Call Center Software for Small Businesses

The best call center software routes call to the right agents provides additional context for employees and support management in implementing omnichannel strategies.

How to Select the Best Call Center Software for Your Business

Choosing a good customer call center software can give you the ability to grow your customer market with witty optimization and classy improvements.

Know More About call center software


What is Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialer is a clever dialer that makes simultaneous calls to many numbers before routing the call to your agent or contact person. Smart predictive dialers are phone systems that make calls, play recorded messages, initiate calls, and either pass them to your agents or call the individual who requested the contact.

Who Uses Predictive Dialer?

To achieve optimal efficiency, predictive dialer technology automates the dialing of outgoing calls by employing an algorithm to predict the availability of outgoing agents. Predictive dialers are used in telemarketing, consumer research, debt recovery, and customer service follow-up.

What are the Benefits of Predictive Dialer Software?

Here are the seven most essential advantages of predictive dialers for your sales-oriented contact centre to help you understand how you may use your call centre to keep agents productive.

Why Do You Need Dialer for Your Business?

There are many reasons why you should use dialer for your business. It is one of the best call lead generation tools ever invented. Read this article to discover more benefits of using dialer.

What is Call Center Recording Software?

Call center recording software is a powerful tool to help your company, and your call center agents, better serve customers by delivering excellent customer service.

What is Soundboards Software?

Call center soundboards software is a phone call management program that allows you to create and play sound files through your phone system.

What are the Benefits of Call Recording Software?

The benefits of call recording software are varied, but it can be a critical business tool for many organisations. Here's how it works and what you need to know.

Which Call Recording Features Helps to Improve Customer Service?

There are a number of features you can add to your call recording software to make sure your team is getting the most out of it. Here we'll go over some of the features that will help improve customer service.

What are Different Types of Dialer?

Dialers are software applications that you can use to contact hundreds of people at once. This article will explain the different types of dialer and how they work.

What is a Dialer?

Dialers are phone systems that can make outbound calls to potential customers. They can be set up to dial numbers automatically, play pre-recorded messages, and answer incoming calls.

What Is Auto Dialer Software?

In today's digitized environment, you can't overlook the importance of communication in your business organization. Customers are after proactive communication, which makes it necessary to find the right auto dialer solution for your business needs.

How To Evaluate Call Center Performance

Running a call center comes with a lot of work and it needs to be evaluated properly in order to ensure the smooth running of a call center. It might seem like a huge process but voxdesk has got you covered. Read on to know more about how Voxdesk helps in making that process seamless.

What Is A Virtual Call Center

A virtual call centre supports staff who are geographically dispersed in providing customer care engagements rather than working from a single physical location.

What is Outbound Call Center Software?

Outbound call centre software enables businesses to contact potential consumers for a range of business-specific goals, such as sales, product/service feedback, or surveys.

What is Number Porting?

Number porting means changing the network provider of an existing number. For example, when you port your number, you take an existing phone number and transfer it to another provider.

What are Informative Call Dispositions?

Also known as call disposition codes or call tags, these are the labels agents give the clients after the call.

How To Record Conference Calls

Most conference call services offer their users a recording tool, which can be used to record the call. This article will look at a few steps to record conference calls and make them available for future references.

How To Use Informative Call Dispositions To Improve Message Quality

Call disposition is an essential tool for call centers and live support agents. It provides clear visibility into the outcome of calls. Call disposition enables you to summarize the conversation and label it with a clear description.

What Does A Call Center Do?

Companies worldwide rely on their affiliated call centers to handle customer queries and complaints. Selling products is also a job for call center employees. The call center agents handle incoming and outgoing calls from potential new customers or existing customers.

How To Add Music To On-Hold Calls

Here’s an effective approach to add any type of music to engage your clients as they wait for your response.

Is It Worth Investing in Call Center Software?

In the digitized environment we live in today; customers are always impatient. And, to keep up with the competition, you need to up your game.

How Does Number Porting Work?

Being able to get through to your customers 24/7 via telephone is essential. Understanding how to effiiciently perform calls is important.

Does VoxDesk Provide Call Center CRM Software?

Call center CRM software gives you quick access to customer details. Managing customer relationships has never been this easier.

How To Connect With Prospects Using Dialer Software

Automatic dialers are handy for making service and sales calls. Thanks to its functionality and simplicity, you can effectively answer calls and deliver crucial information by connecting customers to available agents.

How To Decide The Right Software For Call Center Teams?

The selection of the most appropriate software can be difficult in today's world, where there are numerous options. This guide will give you some suggestions on how to find the best fit for your requirement of the company.

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