Best Predictive Dialer

manage your calls and campaigns with ease.

Allow your consumers to arrange phone calls at a certain time and date. Calls can be scheduled to be made at a specific time.

Best Predictive Dialer

Increase productivity & performance with predictive dialer

Allow your customers to schedule the calls on the specific date and time. Automate calls for the desired time.

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multiple dialing modes

Multiple Dialing Modes

Provide greater personalization by enabling your customers to switch between predictive, power, and preview dialers. Manage high call volume with ease and control the flow of calls.

pacing ratio

Pacing Ratio

Maximize agent efficiency with predictive dialer for a single agent who have multiple numbers. Dial the respective contact number before previous call concludes and increase the number of outbound calls to make by each agent.

filter-based calling

Filter-Based Calling

Create a variety of calling criteria based on time zone, region, or other demographical data. Get the desired results to optimize your call center with predictive dialer.

intelligent call assigning

Intelligent Call Assigning

Use your preset parameters and predictive dialing algorithms to decide and automate call assignment based on criteria such as the number of available agents, the number of operational lines, and the average time an agent spends on a call.

data driven power dialer

Data Driven Power Dialer

Call numbers using predictive dialer which instantly predicts & dials numbers to minimize time wasted by agents. Our data-driven power dialer intelligently calls numbers using a data-driven approach. It's one of the most advanced dialers, which enables agents to optimize their calls.

What is Predictive Dialer?

The finest predictive dialer software provides an intelligent outbound dialling system that anticipates agent availability, calibrates the calling rate automatically, and connects agents to live prospects. The predictive dialer for call centres makes simultaneous calls to many numbers/leads, only routing to a live agent when a contact answers the phone. The dialer automatically adjusts the amount of simultaneous calls based on the percentage of dropped calls you want to keep. Learn more about What is Predictive Dialer.

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