Powerful Dialer Software

improves call center productivity

Reach out to a huge number of clients while evading unanswered calls, answering machines, and busy lines.

Powerful Dialer Software

Improve Transaction Flow With VoxDesk’s Dialer System

Reach a large number of leads and phone numbers while precisely avoiding unanswered calls, answering machines, and busy lines.

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In order to standardize business processes, TTS (Text-to-Speech) is used to collect caller information and decide how to handle the call, resulting in a better customer experience for the customer.

sms integration

SMS Integration

Send automated messages to the individuals related to business updates in order to personalize the experience and enhance customer satisfaction. Integrate with the messaging to follow-up and make your customers engaged all the time.

promotions and surveys

Promotions and Surveys

Increase sales market products and services to current and prospective consumers. Improve the quality service with the help of call center dialer to aid efficiency and build a large client-base.

monitor dialed numbers

Monitor Dialed Numbers

Analyze call data, workplace productivity, access agent workflow and do much more with our powerful software. Dialer allows you to effortlessly monitor data in order to obtain precise information about the calls made by agents so you can plan future calls and campaigns.

What is a Dialer?

A call center dialer is a software that dials phone numbers in a call centre automatically. A call center dialer can determine if a call was answered by a human or an answering machine when calling numbers from a list of contacts on behalf of an agent. Once a call is connected, the dialer may guarantee that it is answered by either a live human or IVR survey software. A call center dialer is more than just an automated dialling solution. It not only saves agents the time and effort needed in manually dialling numbers, but it also improves call centre efficiency by increasing call connections, agent performance, and conversation time. learn more about What is a Dialer.

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