Call Recording Software

to track & enhance customer service

Record each personal or conference call for subsequent use as an insight to assist your business.

Call Recording Software

Enable Call Recording Option for Improved Quality

Record every individual or conferencing call for future purposes as an insight to boost your business.

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track numbers

Track Numbers

Enhance the calling efficiency by knowing your customer through tracking. Number tracking yields demographic data to understand the caller details such as name, location, and any other information associated with the number.

record conference calls

Record Conference Calls

Aim to standardize business processes, complement calling scenarios, and connect with multiple customers at once with call conferencing solution. Save time and efforts by connecting with more customers with call recording.

personalize recordings

Personalize Recordings

Add a personalized approach via calls using call recording. Make your calling process better by creating warming welcome messages or having conversations matching the expectations of the customers. Simplified recording in all-in-one call center software.

listen recordings

Listen Recordings

Listen to your recordings in the app. Listen to recordings in a cloud-based, easy-to-use service that allows you to access your call recordings anytime. They are stored on servers and are backed up and secure. You can always access an important call or retrive calls for any issues

auto call recording

Auto Call Recording

Record your calls automatically with this feature. It will turn on your computer's microphone and record the line automatically. This feature makes it easy to review and share your calls.

What is Call Recording?

Call recording software is a very important part of call center software. It has many uses for call centers and other business owners who take calls on the phone. One use for this feature is to record customer service conversations or meetings. These recordings can be used to analyze the customer service process and make changes accordingly. Another use for call recording software is to record sales calls or other interactions with customers that may not be face-to-face. Businesses, organisations, and individuals can utilise call recording software to actively record and store all of their commercial VoIP phone calls. It allows users to get more information out of their calls, use them for training, and stay in compliance with industry and regulatory laws. Learn more about The benifits of call recording software.

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