Call Management

increase call center efficiency

VoxDesk can manage and optimise your company calls. Customer and stakeholder satisfaction is improved with a call management system. It strengthens relationships and helps businesses grow.

Call Management

Improve Customer Service with Call Management

With VoxDesk's call management, you can keep track of all previous conversations and their contacts in one spot.

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call history

Call History

Keep track of call details including the length of the call between agents and callers, a list of phone numbers, and recordings, as well as the call flows.

record calls

Record Calls

Whether it's a conference call or a one-on-one conversation, record it and listen to it afterwards. For future reference, save them as digital files.

call analytics

Call Analytics

Call analytics can be used to determine the total number of company calls, peak hours, and geographic information about your callers, among other things. This enables businesses to optimise their business calls more effectively.

call tracking

Call Tracking

Call tracking ensures each employee is effectively replying and following up with clients. It also tracks the return on each marketing campaign.

What is Call Management?

Call management relates to how firms handle incoming calls. To log calls, collect statistics, and route calls to the right person, your firm will require a call management system. This call management beginner's guide will explain how call management systems function, their benefits, and typical features.

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