Seamless Call Logging

to access business call data

Identify the client's call history whenever necessary, boosting overall efficiency.

Seamless Call Logging

Boost Productivity & Enhance Customer Support with Call Logging

Identify the customer call history when needed thereby improving overall efficiency.

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Visualize the functions of your call center such as average call time, unanswered calls, volume of calls, and operational efficiency. Live call data and real-time dashboards provide agents and supervisors with information about customer support operations.

call center analytics

Call Center Analytics

Configure and gain quick insights about call center data. Get the real time call analytics for your enterprise with the modern call logging systems.

caller insights

Caller Insights

Gain deeper insights about call queues, response times, hold and wait time, conversation and resolution time using VoxDesk. Utilize agent metrics to analyze & optimize customer behavior with call logging.

measures customer experience

Measures Customer Experience

Evaluate customer satisfaction which is important and valuable for your organization. Get their feedback throught the phone call. Understand what they like and dislike about your product. Get to know how their user experience through call logging.

What is Call Logging?

Call logging software gathers call volume and caller information, as well as analysing call outcomes. A call logging system tracks customer interactions, rep efficiency, and a variety of other call-specific information. They eliminate the need for human record keeping; all call data is methodically collected and saved, allowing personnel to focus on their real task. The information gathered by these technologies is utilised to increase efficiency, improve agent performance, and enhance the overall customer experience.

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