Best Speed Dialer

to boost business credibility

You can improve customer interactions while managing your calls using Voxdesk speed dialer.

Best Speed Dialer

Speed Dialer Enables Agents to Make Calls by Pressing a Single Digit

With Voxdesk speed dialer, you can improve client experiences while controlling your calls.

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drag & drop reordering

Drag & Drop Reordering

Drag & drop reordering software helps companies to organize their business cards by having them into one specific folder or type of business card such as by company type, industry, location and other categories with speed dialer.

toolbar buttons

Toolbar buttons

One of the most common uses of toolbar button is to quickly call a specific person. This is useful when you have to deal with certain customer complaints or when you are in urgent need of someone's help.

speed dial sidebar

Speed Dial Sidebar

Customize speed dialer sidebar according to the call center company’s needs and it is not only limited to the caller’s speed dial number. It also allows different users to get access to different numbers and contact information without having the need for additional login details.

dial multiple numbers

Dial Multiple Numbers

Dial numbers quickly and easily with the speed dialer. This easy-to-use feature is the smart choice for anyone who's looking for a quick and easy way to dial numerous clients at once.

What is Speed Dialer?

Speed Dialer is a call center software that is used to handle incoming and outgoing calls. Speed dialer allows you to monitor the current status of your call center and provides management tools for call-handling professionals. Speed dialer uses a sophisticated routing algorithm that prioritizes calls based on caller location, time of day, and number of unanswered calls. The system also alerts agents when they are about to exceed their designated break time or talk time for the day.

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