Detailed Call Analytics

to make better decisions

Analyse data and generate accurate call information to make better decisions.

Detailed Call Analytics

Track, Analyze, & Report Various Data with Call Analytics

Analyze the data and generate real-time call data to make improved decisions.

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call reports

Call Reports

Analyze data and generate call reports, you may gain a deeper understanding of your customers and your call flow process with Call Analytics.

regular call logs

Regular Call Logs

Get call logs on a regular basis to gather call data. To optimize call flows, learn the entire cycle or flow that your users go through with real-time call analytics feature.

call tracking

Call Tracking

With Call Analytics, You can understand the customer decisions, so that you can make informed business decisions based on the options they select during phone calls.

accurate & detailed data

Accurate & Detailed Data

Get the call data in detail and accurately, so you can easily measure customer satisfaction. Our reliable call analytics feature is the most accurate way to track marketing metrics and many more. Now you can easily track customer satisfaction and see what's causing the most complaints.

What is Call Analytics?

Call tracking identifies the source of an incoming call using either human records or more sophisticated call management software. This method then yields information such as which online or offline ads are driving phone calls, allowing you to track advertising metrics by channel and personalise caller interactions.

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