How To Use Informative Call Dispositions To Improve Message Quality

Call disposition is an essential tool for call centers and live support agents. It provides clear visibility into the outcome of calls. Call disposition enables you to summarize the conversation and label it with a clear description.


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What Makes the Best Call Center Software?

What is a call disposition?

Use Informative Call Dispositions

If you have ever worked at the call center or a similar role, you will understand what the job entails. Daily, several callers call through to the customer service agent—different people with different complaints and queries. Sometimes, the callers put a call through to relate personal issues. Whatever the conversation centers on, you need to summarize and tag.

The wider the customer reach, the higher the number of complaints and calls your call agents will receive daily. It is therefore important to sort these calls. The call's outcome is call disposition, sorting the calls according to individual requests. You can also define call disposition as the method of logging the results of a conversation with callers. You have to tag both inbound and outbound calls in call disposition and assign them to different categories.

Business organizations whose customer support uses call disposition can later track the call's outcome. For example, when a customer calls to complain about a particular product, your customer support will solve the query and tag the call appropriately. Later, you can call the complainant to check how that product is fairing and know if the suggestion was helpful.

How to use informative call disposition?

Call disposition is an essential tool for call centers and live support agents. It provides clear visibility into the outcome of calls. Call disposition enables you to summarize the conversation and label it with a clear description. Sometimes, you might need to refer back to a caller. Call disposition gives you a quick guide on how to locate the caller. It saves you the stress of going through a lengthy call log list or racking your head.

How to use informative call disposition

You can use the call disposition tool to track and assess the overall performance of your products and services in the market. At the end of a period, when you evaluate your call summary with their tags, you can identify the areas that need improvement. For instance, when the call disposition shows that a more significant percentage of your caller called to complain about a particular product, you generate a report and escalate it to the appropriate desk. It could be a common problem that the customers encounter at the same junction; the summary of the call outcome will help you proffer a lasting solution to that persistent problem.

Your call center agent can use the call disposition summary to identify the mood and countenance of the caller towards your brand. The tone of lodging complaints will show whether many customers are still interested in patronizing the brand. Of course, some callers will hang up in annoyance, but the technique will give you a hint on what to do next. You can call these types of callers back and give them mouth-watering offers to keep them loyal to the brand.

Some businesses have several categories and packages for their customers. The informative call disposition will help you identify the rank of a caller. Some callers will be on the ordinary list; however, you realize that they should be on the premium or priority list and treated as such after speaking with them. In addition, the call disposition will help you summarize how much they have invested in the brand, their status in society, their networks, and a host of other details.

The right software to use for call disposition

Unarguably, Voxdesk is the best software for call disposition. This software allows you to tag outbound and inbound calls at ease. In addition, you can customize your call disposition categories or adopt the types that come with the software. You can record all calls using Voxdesk and automatically save them on a storage device or cloud storage. The recording will allow you to curate a detailed summary and tag the callers appropriately. The software will display the tag right beside the caller's ID whenever the callers call again.

Software to use for call disposition

Voxdesk has valuable tools that help you analyze the activities of your call agents. The software gives detailed insights and call level data using the available call disposition features.

We have identified the importance of call disposition above. However, to achieve the best result, there is the need to adopt the right software to ensure your informative call disposition improves the message quality.

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