Top 10 Auto Dialer Software

You can get auto dialer software that boosts the efficiency of your staff and sets your organization on the road to greater success.


Any call center software should have an autodialer, and this is how it makes call center strategy smarter.

I've picked down the top 10 auto dialer software options for you to consider after examining the finest auto dialer software on the market today. Keep reading to learn more about each alternative.

Top 10 Auto Dialer Software

top ten auto dialer software

1. Nextiva:

Nextiva is a corporation that combines its business communication, video calls, collaborative, and customer relationship management services to provide a unified platform for organisations. This platform aids businesses in managing information flow, efficiency (accessing company statistics to make better decisions), and attitudes towards the brand. Auto dialers put a lot of pressure on your contact list. Some software includes a CRM, while more advanced businesses already use a separate CRM to manage their contacts.

Groups with a large database of customers can include an autodialer into their CRM or use a system that integrates with major platforms like:

  1. HubSpot
  2. Salesforce
  3. Zoho
  4. Oracle Sales Cloud
  5. Zendesk
  6. ContactSPACE

2. Voxdesk by 500apps:

vozdesk software

Thousands of businesses around the world use Voxdesk by 500apps as their dialer solution. Voxdesk makes customer communication seamless and pleasurable by combining a variety of useful features in one simple-to-use, reasonably cost VoIP solution provider.

The following are some of the top features of the Voxdesk by 500apps auto dialer software:

  1. Predictive dialer
  2. Soundboards
  3. Voicemail drops
  4. Timezone Connect
  5. Transfer
  6. Call Queuing
  7. Call recording
  8. Call analytics
  9. DNC
  10. Chrome extension
  11. BYOP
  12. Closest Location
  13. Call dispositions
  14. CRM Integration
  15. Call Hold
  16. Music on Hold
  17. Call Scripts
  18. Priority

3. ContactSPACE:

ContactSPACE, as a customer care solution, recognizes that the appropriate software may transform how your customers and clients execute their jobs. Calling contacts, leads, and consumers on the spur of the moment is not only outdated, but it is also harmful to the relationships you want to develop with them. ContactSPACE promotes efficient outbound dialing for this reason. You can accelerate your sales funnel by only reaching the right individuals at the right times, avoid leakage caused by not establishing contact quickly enough, and have more assurance that each call will result in successful effects.

4. PhoneBurner:

Over 1,500 companies use PhoneBurner, even well brands like Farmers Insurance and Remax. Using VOIP dialing, the cloud-based technology may be accessible from anywhere. The following are some of PhoneBurner's best features and functionality:

  1. Texting and email
  2. Lead filtering that is intelligent
  3. Unlimited dialing campaigns
  4. Lead distribution that is automated
  5. Custom statistics and behavior summaries are also available.
  6. Workflow automation
  7. Caller IDs from within the area

It's easy to start with PhoneBurner. The pricing structure is as simple as it gets.

5. Five9:

The software includes a range of dialing options to meet your organization's demands. It takes into account time zones, lists penetration, and enables you to tailor anything to your company's statutory obligations.

The following are some of the top features of the Five9 auto dialer software:

  1. Predictive dialer - maximize efficiency by automatically predicting agent availability.
  2. Power dialer - dials customers dependent on the number of employees to calls.
  3. Progress dialer - connects agents only with calls that are answered by a live person.
  4. Preview dialer - Agents can see contact information before answering a call.

6. ChaseData:

Advertising and marketing divisions have confidence in the software. Small firms who don't want a one-size-fits-all implementation can turn to ChaseData for industry-specific solutions. ChaseData is frequently used in the following industries for software solutions:

  1. Financial services are a type of service that involves the exchange of money.
  2. Utilities
  3. Insurance
  4. Travel and hospitality
  5. Banking
  6. Travel and hospitality
  7. Collection of debts
  8. Nonprofit
  9. Consumer sales
  10. Business-to-business and software-as-a-service

If your small business fits into one of these categories, ChaseData is a great option to investigate.

7. CallHub:

Integrations for use-case particular situations, such as Blackbaud Luminate for nonprofits and Nation builder for politicians, are available.

Predictive dialing, power dialing, preview dialing, and robocalling are all features of CallHub's automated dialer. The Robo dialer sends out pre-recorded messages, which is a popular technique to get your message out without using live agents.

8. RingCentral:

ringcentral software

Healthcare, technology, banking sectors, commerce, academia, and more industries have their own RingCentral services. It also includes functionality for cloud phone systems, remote work, contact centers, teleconferencing, and a variety of other options.

One of the best features of RingCentral's outbound calling services is the auto-dialing option. It has the better prediction dialing feature in the industry.

9. Voicent:

Voicent also features a built-in CRM that keeps track of customers effortlessly. For monitoring and reacting to current or potential customers, the software includes excellent automation options. The program can recognize responding systems and leave a message in both your own and a machine voice.

Prerecorded messages for Voicent auto-dialing are frequently used for:

  1. Reporting of the event
  2. Weather-warnings
  3. Payment of bills
  4. Notifications of service collection and delivery
  5. Monitoring by the city administration
  6. Announcements of school emergencies

The autodialer from Voicent is simple to use, flexible, and completely adaptable for any application.

10. Nice inContact:

Nice inContact is a cutting-edge approach to modernizing large-scale call centers. That platform includes everything you'll need to run a large-scale operation. It's used by large companies like Honeywell, which has over 4,000 agents.

Nice inContact provides solutions for knowledge management, labor management, quality control, CRM integration, and more, in addition to classic dialing, autodialer, and call center solution.


Traditional solutions are being replaced by digital service providers and dialer solutions. They provide cutting-edge business phone service with robust dialer options that brands require to thrive in a world where ease and accessibility are paramount.

Your business demands will determine which dialer option is appropriate for you. As a result, you must properly assess your business requirements before deciding on the features you require. You might also want to compare pricing to see which choice gives you the most bang for your buck.

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