The business users should include CRM software tools to assess the overall performance and highlight the customers' issues with ease. So, once the conversation is over, call disposition helps the workers to easily save the recording for accurate visibility. There are four types of calls an agent can receive. They are as follows,

First Type Of Call: The Sale

call-disposition-types-1 It is the first stage in call dispositions, where the agent promotes the client's brand. By providing the details of the client's brand, product, and services, the call agent ensures that they have convinced the customer to purchase it. Here, the agent ensures to offer as many details as possible to help the customer understand the brand and connect with it.

Second Type Of Call: The Inquiry

Inquiring plays a crucial role in call centers. Most customers raise their queries and doubts via phone calls. So, the agent always ensures to clarify their doubts regarding the offered services and products. The agent mentions the brand's benefits and ensures that the customer is satisfied with the answers. The call is on until all the customer's inquiries are clarified.

Third Type Of Call: The Complaint

Usually, there may occur times that a specific brand product or service did not work for one customer as it did for the rest of them. So, in this case, the agents use call recording to register the customer's complaint against the brand and take action to resolve it. The agent listens to the customer's complaint and ensures to work on the problem at the earliest.

Fourth Type Of Call: The Post Purchase

Once the customer has been persuaded and purchased the product, there may still linger some needs that the call center ensures to take into consideration. Over 88% of customers are likely to share their feedback, so the call agent needs to gather their feedback on the product and confirm with them whether they are satisfied with the product for future purchase or not. The agent ensures to develop the connection with the customer to keep their interest in the purchased product intact and keep them pleased with their purchase.

These are the main types of phone calls that the agents handle regularly. While it is highly necessary to record the calls with the help of call disposition, it is also necessary to make sure that the customer is happy. The agent must ensure that all the customer queries are resolved and that they are not disappointed.

The call disposition codes play a significant role in the development of an organization, so it is highly important to ensure that you avoid a few things like,

  • Not being specific
  • Having several disposition codes
  • Failing to update the call disposition
  • Not analyzing the requirement properly

How to Train Employees in Call Disposition

call-disposition-types-2 An outbound call center receives numerous calls from different regions by customers to get their queries solved within a few minutes. So, it becomes stressful for the call agent to work under pressure to note down the requirements and ensure that the customer is satisfied. The employees must be well-trained for call dispositions so that they do not disrupt the call flow, leaving the customer disappointed. Here are a few ways to train the employees in call disposition:

Ensure That the Employee is Precise

The customers seek a person who precisely mentions every detail that they require. The call agents should not stutter and always speak boldly with clarity. When the agent speaks without listening to the customer's queries, complaints, or feedback, it leads to customer dissatisfaction. So, it is necessary to be specific and to the point. Obtaining pre-written call center scripts to train and supplement your employees with can help in preventing any on-call errs.

Make Sure The Employees Must Always Have Positive And Constructive Answers

When the customer concludes with a complaint, it is essential to train your employees to always speak positively about the product. The agents should be instructed to not prove the customer wrong because other customers were satisfied with the purchase. Every customer may have a different experience. So, it is important for the agents to have an open mind and positively obtain all their opinions and feedback about the product. You can also ensure the agents work on the issue and solve the issues as soon as possible.

Analyze The Progress

When the call agents work in a hurry, they may fail to recognize the patterns and progress throughout the different types of phone calls. It is essential to keep track of the progress to find the situations that show improvement and those that still linger around the same root cause. Not analyzing the progress can often lead to huge business loss as the call agents fail to recognize and keep track of the patterns that keep occurring.

Coach the Trainees Regularly

Every business goes through vast transformations with the development of the latest technologies. It is important to stay ahead of competitors by training new tactics and tricks that enhance the call dispositions of the employees. Call centers can be a challenging place to work, which requires utmost attention, care, and detailed analysis. Always enlighten the employees about all new ways of persuading customers and receiving their feedback with patience.

Invest in a Reliable Call Center Software

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Summing It Up

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