How to Add Audio to On-Hold Calls

The success of a business is defined by the satisfaction of its customers. Due to the increased competition in the modern corporate environment, an organization cannot sustain itself without attending to the needs of its customers. Therefore, dedicated customer support divisions are set up to address customers’ issues. Direct phone calls are the most popular method through which most customers connect with businesses. Below we discuss how integrating audio into on-hold calls can improve your customer service.

Benefits of Integrating Audio into On-hold Calls

Add Audio to On-Hold Calls

Increment in Customers Engagement

The majority of customers don’t like to wait during calls that are put on hold. Studies show that only 40% of customers stick around and wait while others simply hang up the phone. This is definitely not good for businesses as they cannot sustain growth while disappointing their clients. Integrating audio into on-hold calls addresses this issue and increases the customer retention rate by a great margin. Additionally, studies show that customers can wait for longer periods if they are listening to engaging audio.

Delivery of Important Information

Another useful integration of audio into on-hold calls is that businesses can transmit information to their clients. This function increases customer retention and acts as a marketing tool for promotions and branding. Here, audio quality plays a vital role in tuning according to the clients’ psychology. Businesses spend capital resources to produce special tone/audio tracks that can be affiliated with their brand and are easily recognizable. Thus, clients can enjoy the audio while businesses can increase their brand awareness. Delivery of Important Information

Improves Brand Image

Adding audio to on-hold calls can transmit a positive message regarding your business’s commitment to its clients. It is not a significant milestone, but still, it can play a vital role in increasing customer satisfaction. Putting audio on hold shows that a business is giving attention to detail, which is a sign of thorough professionalism. Also, businesses that follow a value chain analysis model can be a decent value addition opportunity, especially for their primary activities involving marketing and customer services.

VoxDesk By 500apps

VoxDesk is a comprehensive call center software by 500apps. It enables businesses to automate their daily operations and increase their productivity. It also assists in making informed decisions through its data-driven and analytical qualities. Audio On Hold is one of the key features of this software. You can access a huge volume of high-quality audio tracks and customize your services to attend to your customers.

VoxDesk is available at an incredible price of just $14.99! There are more than thirty-seven e-commerce applications that can improve the overall productivity of your business. These applications can assist you in managing all essential operations of your business, including sales, marketing, HR, customer support, and productivity. Also, these solutions improve communication and collaboration within an organization which is great for increasing productivity. This package is the perfect opportunity for startups to scale their business in a brief time and at an exceptionally low cost. Improves Brand Image


Audio On-Hold is a “must-have” feature that improves your customer services by a huge margin. VoxDesk is quite handy in this regard. It enables you to incorporate and manage audio into on-hold calls easily. In addition, it has several other key features, including a Dialer, Call Recording, Soundboards, Call Logging, Call Analytics, Call Dispositions, Call Queuing, etc. Thus, you don’t need to monitor all these operations manually. Instead, this software can accommodate all your call center needs in one place.

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